Methods to prepare for Coding Interviews

Some online training systems are fantastic. There are both paid and free trainings on the internet.

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Some of these sites include:

  • BitTiger — $99/Month — Coding interviews that teach you universal patterns in multiple fields: Big Data, Full Stack, AI, Data Science, UI/UX Design, and Business Intelligence.

As you complete each topic, realize that you’ll want to re-visit it 2–3 times every week subsequently to keep it fresh in your mind! These things are easy to forget, and when you get a problem in an interview, you want the type of problem to be instantly recognizable.

As you train more and more, you will develop a level of intuition around new problems. The hardest part is getting started with preparation, so push through the difficulty!

How to know when you’re ready

You can’t know for sure. Even the most prepared people can freeze up and fail interviews, so at some point you have to call it a day and jump into the deep end.

Still… when do you jump?

If you can get a mock interview from someone at a top company, even if you have to pay for it, it’s worth it. They’ll both have a high bar and be able to give you specific feedback (as long as you’re outside of their company’s interview process). Maybe you have a buddy that will help you out!

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Finally, it’s worth stating that you can also treat your first interviews as initial groundwork. Simply apply to companies you’re less interested in, and use the interviews as practice (I am sure some of the hiring managers reading this article are giving me the finger right now). People will often take interviews they don’t actually care about in order to get live practice in front of companies.

Happy Hunting and good luck!

Other sites:


You can read a more robust article here:

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